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Taiji Quan (or Tai Chi Ch'uan)

We practice the simplified 24 postures. This version originated in China and was introduced to Japan by Taiji Master Ming-shi Yang, where it became known as Tai Kuoku Ken. Shoto-kan Karate Master Hirokazu Kanazawa studied under Master Yang, and brought the style to the United States.

In general, you can expect to learn the basics movements of all postures in four to twelve months. After that, you begin a lifetime of refinement and deepening.

Although Taiji Quan originated as a martial art, the 24 postures are taught solely for health purposes. You may notice several benefits with continued practice, such as improvements in balance, breathing, relaxation, circulation, muscular strength, flexibility, and coordination.

I teach the 24 postures in ten groupings to facilitate the learning process. The classes usually include students at various stages, so the groupings may not always be learned in the following order.

Group 1
1.Qi Shi (Beginning)
2.Ye Ma Fen Zong (Part the Wild Horse's Mane)

3.Bai He Liang Chi (White Crane Spreads Its Wings)

Group 2

4.Lou Xi Yao Bu (Brush Knee and Step Forward)

5.Shou Hui Pi Pa (Playing the Lute)
Group 3
6.Dao Juan Gong (Repulse the Monkey/Reverse Reeling Forearm)

Group 4
7.Zuo Lan Que Wei (Left Grasp Sparrow's Tail)

8.You Lan Que Wei (Right Grasp Sparrow's Tail)

Group 5

9.Dan Bian (Single Whip)
10.Yun shou (Wave Hands Like Clouds)
11.Dan Bian (Single Whip)

Group 6

12.Gao Tan Ma (High Pat on Horse)
13.You Deng Jiao (Right Heel Strike)
14.Shuang Feng Guan Er (Strike to Ears with Both Fists)

15.Zhuan Shen Zuo Deng Jiao (Turn Body and Left Heel Kick)
Group 7
16.Zuo Xia Shi Du Li (Left Lower Body and Stand on One Leg/Snake Creeps Down Left)
17.You Xia Shi Du Li (Right Lower Body and Stand on One Leg/Snake Creeps Down Right)
Group 8
18.Zuo You Chuan Suo (Posture of Weaving/Shuttle Back and Forth)

Group 9
19.Hai Di Zhen (Needle at Sea Bottom)
20.Shan TongBei (Fan Through Back)
Group 10
21.Zhuan Shen Ban Lau Chui (Turn Body, Deflect, Parry, and Punch)
22.Ru Feng Shi Bi (Appears Closed)
23.Shi Zi Shou (Cross Hands)
24.Shou Shi (Closing)